HawaiiOhana Hope



We have developed a wonderful cooperation with
builders,real estate and business professionals
in our state with everyday people like you and me.

We provide a means to help with wonderful plans to strengthen our community through renovation and

We want to establish creative alliances and allow
true investment opportunities to improve the everyday
life and future of our community and people.

Our Hope is to expound on new creative innovations and partnerships to offer beautiful sustained single family housing, green areas, and beautification projects throughout our community.

Our social mission is to partner with the community to reinvigorate our towns, cities and neighborhoods. <CLICK

There is a benefit and value in preserving Hawaii paradise through  on-going beautification plans and community development. Hawaii’s growth and  land planning necessitates an acceptable inclusion of single family green sustainable housing that supports needy low income families, needy veteran and senior populations. At the same time the plans must have a mechanism for minimizing depression of areas over time. It is believed that through aggressive planning,  on-going property management, individual and family services, we can provide continued support and supervision to maintain community upgrading. Using grand landscaping ideas and management we can offer sustainable creation of  multiple green areas throughout our community, flourishing Hawaii paradise. We  would foster the same ambiance that homeowners obtain from their property managed home neighborhood associations and enjoy with the beauty of parks and golf courses. We would prevent unwarranted neglect through continued on scene management. 

Our plan for sustained management will generate enduring  community enhancement that will ensure Hawaii’s majesty. We want to create a way to allow neighborhood enhancement through sustained manicured and maintained  green properties in association with churches, business/ civic organizations, charities, foundations, veteran programs and public participation. 

One important concentration is to have a risk free, on-going mechanism, to develop and ensure a solid community with available working capital (monies) and a means for creating continued funding for taking care of people, for buying properties, developing, building new homes and sustaining them. We want to ensure better family living possibilities and a secure low income family housing, veteran housing support and support senior housing.       

HawaiiOhana encourages strong community outreach and partnerships. The best results are achieved by true community pride  and support. 

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