Help HawaiiOhana Communities.  Add your name to our growing partnership list.

Our FOCUS is on the value of our meaningful partnerships. 

One of the greatest accomplishments and our most memorable achievements will be our unique association with many wonderful people. This networking and getting together for some “joining of the minds” allows for creating great friendships.

We have endeavored to provide a business venture model incorporating the Hawaii Community.  Our idea comes to fruition with the understanding that if we offered investors a unique opportunity and way to invest their money in secured  properties, ones that offer immediate money return, and future appreciation and value, there would be motivated interest.

Achieving successful business outcomes, not just for ourselves, but also for our partners and especially our Hawaiian Community is our commission.

We are venturing to purchase select properties and provide them back to our community after our unique community green renovation and development.

We believe that through comprehensive sustained management we can make it possible to generate enduring community enhancement that will ensure Hawaii’s majesty and paradise.

Thanks for  PARTNERING with us.  HawaiiOhana  Inc.

E-mail us at : HawaiiOhana@mail.com

See us also at: http//:hawaiiohanahope.com

We are a non-profit Hawaii Based Company                 



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